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As a world traveller often finding herself in trains, planes and under sleep distress, Kusuma developed her ideal eye pillow, an essential to calm and restoration in her travels. These are also soothing for everyday use, shavāsana at the end of yoga practice, or a simple soothing return-to-self moment.

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Third-Eye Pillow

Yogically, when our eyes close and we look within, that is when the third eye can open and we can see beyond the material. With this in mind, the third-eye pillow was designed.

May you see the great light within.


$90 [wp_cart_button name=”Third-Eye Pillow” price=”120″ shipping=”2.00″]



Head In The Clouds

Sometimes we need to put our head into the clouds as a period of both rest and incubation to continue our important works in the world.

May the clouds offer you great refuge.

Head In The Clouds-3

$50 [wp_cart_button name=”Clouds Eye Pillow” price=”70″ shipping=”2.00″]



Surya Namaskar

Surya Namaskar is a prayer through the body to the sun. According to Yogic philosophy, the sun is both within and in the outer world. This is a salutation to the inner sun adapted from a traditional Indian painting.

May you give us light.

Surya Namaskar

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Because the third eye is considered very precious, Indians traditionally cover it with an herbal paste that simultaneously protects it as well as reminds all who look upon her of the sacredness inside ourselves.

May you, and all who behold you remember the beauty within.


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  • 100% Silk (reclaimed & unused) removeable cover


  • Hand embroidered with silk & cotton thread & glass, shell or crystal beads.


  • Cotton insert filled with organic flaxseed. (-Add a few drops of any aromatherapy essential oil to the insert for fragrance)


  • Hand wash cover only


  • Straps are optional, please mention in your order ‘with’ or ‘without’ straps.