Cooking Services

Looking for home-cooked meals with more than good taste?

“I have never had a dish I didn’t like. The way you use spices is the way I think spices are meant to be used- where you don’t taste the spice itself but the enhancement of the flavors through them.” -Tim Weed, Musician

Our aim is to nourish body and mind, supporting spiritual practice through wholesome food preparations using Ayurvedic and yogic principles:
• Prepared fresh from scratch
• Use a majority of local, organic and seasonally available foods
• Prepare dishes appropriate for time of day, weather and body constitutions
• Satisfy all 6 tastes
• Balanced nutrition for vegetarians

Our services include:
• Special Events
• In-home preparations
• pick-up or drop-off services




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Kusuma learned to cook classic northern Italian food while living in Italy, Indian food while in India, Colombian food because it is in her blood, and traditional American food because that is where she started.


South Indian (Ayurvedic) Cuisine:

“Most of the Indian recipes I receive are by oral transmission through Brahmin women, the keepers of ancestral cooking knowledge. It is forbidden for any outsider to enter their kitchens and that is why most has been given to me orally. At times they have generously entered my home and kitchen to give me practical demonstrations. It has been both challenging and exciting to receive loosely recited verbal cues (a pinch here, a dash there) and to try to bring the recipe alive in a way that is authentic and which suits our foreign tastes.”

While living in India for 3 years, Kusuma learned the ancestral knowledge and traditions of a few homes, including long hours spent questioning several doctors of Ayurveda about the classically prescribed food combinations and preparation techniques, seasonal and personal adjustments, etc.
Proper cooking takes time and experience. Kusuma consistently spends 2 hours in the kitchen for her daily family lunches. Our health depends upon it – in both gross and subtle ways.


Sample Menu Items:
Spiced Sambar, Digestive Rassam, Lemon Rice, Nourishing Pongal/Kicheri, Fried Vada, Hot Bisi Bisi Bele Bat, Tangy Puliogare, Sweet Laddu, Milky Payasam, Mango Seekarane, Lemon Pickle, Crunchy Chakli, Puffed Rice Snacks and many many more!
(All Recipes are Vegetarian)


American Cuisine:

Preparing things from scratch, in the traditional way is a joy, even if it has only been tradition from a great grandmother or tradition since the Rishis, and Kusuma does it with love. With generations of farm family heritage, she indulges in all the homemade classics, entirely from scratch. Every season, all three generations of her family still ‘can’ & preserve the seasonal harvests for the winter.

“When I make Bread & Butter Pickles, I feel the connection and gratitude for generations of aunts and mothers.”

Sample Menu Items:
Flaky Buttery Fruit Pies, Apple Crisp, Banana Bread, Pumpkin Pie, Ginger-Oat Cookies, Artisan Sourdough Breads, Baked/Roasted/Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing (using Kusuma’s own bread), Cranberry Sauce, Pickles, Fruit Jams, Canned Tomatoes, Pickled Beets, and more…
(All Recipes are Vegetarian- no eggs)